About Us

The Bowness-Watershed enterprise, a family-owned and operated business, strives to keep fees and charges reasonable, recognising the importance of your success for our own.

Our Team

James and Jocelyn Daly


Eve Mansfield
Abigail Brigg
Brodie Batinich
Trainee Supervisor
John and Helen North
Original founders

Our History

The original Bowness Stud, a 3500-acre property located approximately 35 kms northeast of Young in Murringo, primarily runs cattle today.

In 2005 Watershed Farm was acquired, a similar-sized property located 20 kms east of Young, where our horse stud is now situated. This farm also includes our self-sufficient fodder growing program.

In 2010, we added a further 200-acre property known as Alsam Park Stud, now known Bowness Stud, conveniently located 10 kms east of Young, serving as our stallion station, breeding, and foaling-down facility. Our significant enterprise now spans around 7000 acres

John and Helen North have been professional racehorse breeders and bloodstock sale consignors on Bowness Stud for over 30 years. Their expertise and knowledge of the thoroughbred industry, and highly successful record, makes them a valuable source of advice.

James and Jocelyn Daly live on Watershed Farm, own and manage its operations, including grain and fodder production.

Together James and Jocelyn ensure top-quality care for broodmares, foals, weanlings, yearlings, and spellers. They have a hands-on approach, understanding the dedication and detail required in thoroughbred breeding. They breed and race thoroughbreds themselves and understand the work, dedication and attention to detail involved in achieving results.


James and Jocelyn live on Bowness Stud for round-the-clock management. We have on-call specialists, including a vet, farrier, and chiropractor.

Our services cover breeding commercial thoroughbred horses, agisting broodmares and foals, rearing, feeding, and preparing resident only weanlings and yearlings for sale, as well as agisting, breaking-in, and spelling young horses.

NB. Transfers directly between Bowness Stud and Watershed Farm are carried out free of charge by our professional horse transport.


Our equine facilities are meticulously designed for safety and efficiency. Each horse paddock features highly visible and horse- safe fencing, with large white-capped posts, sight wire, netting, and plain wire. These paddocks are all equipped to enhance safety and many are separated by laneways for security, ensuring easy and secure access across the property. This design minimizes the risk of injuries, as horses are not near common fences.


Fully rubber-lined stables and day yards cater for safe handling, along with a secure pick-up and drop-off area. The generously sized paddocks are well sheltered with either natural windbreaks, shade trees or quality man-made structures. The clean, undulating countryside provides sheltered slopes where horses can rest comfortably.

Water & Soil Quality

High quality water is supplied through fresh creeks and dams. Each paddock has pure and clean water all year round. Feed and nutrition are an absolute priority. Through careful management, we have maintained our paddock pastures despite drought conditions that Australian can often receive. We have utilised biological fertilisers to enhance our soil health and consequently promote nutrients in our pastures and feed. We grow our own grain and fodder and have multiple grain and fodder storage facilities.

Feed & Nutrition
Feed and nutrition are a priority on Bowness Stud where all horses are supplementary fed daily. We grow all our own grain and fodder. Agisted groups are rotated on to legume and grass-based improved pastures on a regular basis. We have utilised blends of biological fertilisers and compost teas on our pastures and crops to balance soil fertility and enhance plant nutrient content.

Bowness Stud and Watershed Farm pride themselves on providing lush, nutrient rich pastures, along with regular blends and feed mixes of home-grown hay, legumes and grains.

On Watershed Farm we utilise a Keenan feed mixer as part of our program. With our Keenan, we scientifically mix high protein blends and nutrient supplements together with feed, placing an emphasis on keeping acidosis minimised.

Complete rations are mixed together and dispersed to horses on a regular basis so they consistently receive a high quality dietary intake. Our mixes and pastures are designed to promote intestinal health, heightened immunity and improved bone and muscle density. Along with an abundant paddock pasture, this assists horses to reach their full genetic potential.



James Daly,
Mobile: 0428 821 390



Bowness Stud & Watershed Farm Moppity Road, Young, NSW 2594